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Innovation for the Fishing, Seafood Processing and Aquaculture Industry

The Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation (CCFI) gives the fishing, seafood and aquaculture industry easy access to the scientific and technological facilities and expertise of Memorial University in order to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. The objective is to help industry’s efforts to boost its productivity and profitability.

Since its beginnings in 1989, the Centre has completed over 900 fishery-related research and development projects for industry, employing university and college personnel and facilities. The total value of this research activity is estimated at over $100 million, not including revenue generated from project results.

CCFI is owned by Memorial University (, funded by government and directed by industry

CCFI’s structure ensures a mix of knowledge, drive and focus that promotes the development of industrial innovations. The Centre is financially supported by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, while its board of directors comes from industry and the University. The University provides CCFI with preferential access to its research facilities and expertise to conduct its applied research projects for industry.

Strategic Focus

Industry clients can acquire assistance from CCFI to meet challenges in these areas:
Oceans conservation and technology innovation
  • Improved fishing gear selectivity
  • Other methods of by-catch avoidance
  • Sea-bottom friendly fishing technologies
  • Stock assessments and surveys
  • Biomass measurements and habitat mapping
  • Sustainability certification
  • Productivity enhancements for established commercial species; and
  • Various initiatives for developing species
Vessel safety and operational productivity
  • Safety technologies
  • Vessel design
  • Energy efficiencies through improved gears and designs
  • Product quality enhancements
  • Value-added production
  • Processing automation
  • Waste management
  • Biotechnology

Universities and Colleges Contribute Directly to the Economy, with CCFI

The Centre works closely with Memorial University. Its facilities and personnel have contributed enormously to the Centre’s work. This is particularly so at the Marine Institute’s seafood pilot plant and aquaculture research unit, Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development, the fisheries’ technology unit, the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources, the Centre for Ecosystem Research, and the Centre for Applied Ocean Technology. The University’s Department of Ocean Sciences in Logy Bay is a scientific centre focused on cold ocean organisms and processes and contributes regularly to research on the fishery and aquaculture. Other areas of the university that frequently lend their expertise to fishery research and development are the Faculty of Science Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Geography and the Faculties of Engineering and Business Administration.
The Centre also collaborates with other scientific universities and colleges when needed.

Recent Project Activity

In 2015 CCFI is working on several innovations with good commercial potential, including
  • Use of ‘cleaner fish’ as sea lice control on fish farms
  • Seafood processing equipment
    • An automated crab processing system
    • A sea cucumber processing machine
  • Oyster aquaculture
  • Sea-bottom friendly shrimp trawls

Our Clients

Our client list totals over 200 harvesters, processors, fish farmers and equipment developers. Recent partners include
  • Allen’s Fisheries Ltd.
  • Badger Bay Mussel Farms
  • Cooke Aquaculture*
  • Fish, Food and Allied Workers
  • Ocean Choice International
  • Quinlan Brothers Limited
(*One of the Deloitte 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada)